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At CES 2020, Sony has revealed the logo for the new PlayStation 5. The next-generation PS5 console, however, was not shown at the event, as one would have hoped.

The new PlayStation 5 logo is nothing revolutionary. It’s pretty much the same as the PS4 logo, except that the ‘4’ in the logo has been replaced with a ‘5’. Essentially, Sony was quite reserved in letting out any details about the new console.

The only interesting detail that the company did share about the upcoming gaming console is that it will launch during Holidays 2020. The exact date of release has not been shared.

Sony PlayStation 5 specifications

At CES 2020 and in the past, a handful of specifications about the console have also been let out by Sony. The company confirmed that the new gaming console will come with AMD Zen 2 CPU and a custom AMD GPU that supports ray-tracing and 3D audio technology. We also know that the PS5 will have SSD storage.

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It has also been confirmed that it will carry HDR and 8K resolution support. The PlayStation 5 will also have an upgraded controller for next-gen gaming and a built-in Blu-ray player.

Additionally, at the event, Sony also revealed that it has sold 104 million PS4 units, which makes it the second best-selling game console in history behind the PS2.

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